College Access Plan prepares underserved students to succeed in college.



We believe that students should feel supported in their college-going endeavors. We're not gatekeepers or admissions counselors. We're a student-centered support system that serves any student who opts into our services, and we do our best to foster meaningful interactions during their college access and success journey.


CAP was founded in 2006 by two educators, Mo Hyman and Kathleen Parent, who wanted to address a gap in college knowledge and matriculation among low-income and first-generation college-going students in Pasadena’s public schools. Working closely with counselors and teachers, CAP developed a comprehensive program that works in partnership with schools to add meaningful and individualized college readiness support that is open to all students, regardless of when their “I want to go to college” lightbulb might turn on. Since the beginning, CAP’s programs have prioritized pivotal moments and student-driven relationships to embolden students of all ages to envision themselves with a college degree from an institution that best fits their unique interests, personalities, and needs.



CAP collaborates with schools and in a local context because we know that on-the-ground educators, parents, and community members are the best partners in identifying what our students need and how to best make fully equitable college information accessible to them. We have added programming and adapted our signature drop-in model over the years because we know that one-size-never-fits-all. We never select students based on any limiting criteria like grades, test scores, and legal status because we do not believe that big picture data and funding should determine access to college for individual students. Access to education is a right, not a privilege, and we have developed a model that meets all students where they are and when they’re ready.